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About Alex Zegere

As a successful business owner and investor, Mr. Alex Zegere brings a wealth of experience to his specialized fields of oil and gas, real estate, and startup investments. With over ten years in management, he has a proven track record in business acquisitions and angel investments.

His expertise in these areas, specifically within Texas, makes him a valuable asset for any team or venture. Mr. Zegere’s success in his field speaks for itself – but beyond that, his dedication to industry knowledge and staying current with market trends ensures continued growth and innovation for himself and his partners. Mr. Zegere is an experienced and trusted resource in the business world.

Alex Zegere- CEO


Alex Zegere is an Accredited Investor.

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Quality and Excellence

Mr. Zegere has a well-rounded skillset and the ability to adapt to any situation. In addition, his track record of completing projects on time and within budget speaks to his dedication and attention to detail.


Business Consulting

Experience with bringing fresh perspectives and practical solutions to clients' challenges.


Risk Management

Analyzes and mitigates safety concerns or devises plans for unforeseen circumstances.


Market Research

Provides insights to make strategic decisions to stay competitive in various industries


Financial Consulting

Assists clients in reaching their financial goals, from creating budgets to negotiating deals.


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