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About Sepka Group LLC

Established in the heart of Houston, Texas, Sepka Group is a premier commercial real estate company, renowned for its proficiency in the acquisition and disposition of retail and industrial properties. Our years of experience in the sector, coupled with our deep understanding of the local and regional landscapes, have enabled us to build an impressive portfolio. We are driven by a relentless commitment to providing exceptional client service, with every transaction handled with utmost professionalism and strategic insight. Our reputation in the market speaks to our ability to consistently deliver high-quality results, adding value to our clients at every stage of their real estate journey.

Beyond our transactional expertise, Sepka Group is characterized by its ability to adapt and innovate. Our services are not just about meeting client expectations, but surpassing them. Our team of experts combines technical knowledge, financial acumen, and market insight to identify high-potential opportunities, make forward-thinking decisions, and carve out winning strategies. Our adaptability to the ever-evolving dynamics of commercial real estate is reflective of our resilience, innovation, and pursuit of excellence. With Sepka Group, clients are not just participating in the real estate market; they are leveraging it for growth and success.

"At Sepka Group, we blend expertise and innovation to turn real estate complexities into opportunities, always prioritizing client success. We're not just conducting business, we're fostering partnerships and realizing visions."

Alex Zegere, President & CEO

Transforming Commercial Real Estate

Sepka Group delivers unparalleled expertise, strategic innovation, and exceptional results to clients across a diverse range of sectors.

Expertise, Insight, Assurance

Sepka Group pairs deep industry knowledge with a comprehensive suite of services, offering expert property consulting, insightful market research, secure risk management, and strategic financial consulting. We’re dedicated to uncovering opportunities, safeguarding investments, and optimizing your portfolio performance – ensuring success in commercial real estate.


Property Consulting

Sepka Group provides insightful property consulting for informed decision-making.


Risk Management

We manage risk effectively, safeguarding your investment at every turn.


Market Research

Our comprehensive market research identifies prime opportunities for clients.


Financial Consulting

Our financial consulting service optimizes your real estate portfolio's performance.


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